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How to start with Aku Nexus7 Video Converter

Step 1: Start conversion wizard

  Launch Aku Nexus7 Video Converter, click the "Start Now" button to start Conversion wizard.

Aku Nexus7 Video Converter Mian UI

  Select an Nexus7 tablet profile for output and set the source video file to convert.

Aku Nexus7 Video Converter conversion wizard

  Click "Ok" button to end the conversion wizard.

Step 2: Start convertion

  After conversion wizard, preview window shows the video is adjusted according to the image size of the Nexus7 tablet format.

preview output video

  Click the "Original" button to preview the original movies.

preview original video

  Click Start Convert Button button to submit conversion, it will show the path configuration dialog box that allows to change the output file path

change output video filename

  Click "Ok" to start convertion.

Step 3: Query conversion infomation

  Click on the "Convert" button to display the convert view.

convert to nexus7 tablet video

  At this view, you can query the conversion which are running or completed. After the conversion completed, Click "Complete" Item to show the converted file, you can playback the output file on your Nexus7 tablet now.

convert video to nexus7 complete


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