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How to convert dvd to iPod

    If you have some awesome DVD movies, don't you want to put them on your iPod (iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch) so that you can watch them on the go? Enjoying movies is a good time-killing entertainment when you are travelling around.

    Below is the step by step tutorial showing you how to convert DVD movies to iPod Nano, iPod touch and iPod classic.

  Setp 1: Select the iPod output profile

    Start "Aku DVD Ripper.exe", switch to the "Edit" tab, there are three iPod profiles, respectively, iPod nano profile, iPod classic profile, and iPod touch profile. Now we click the iPod nano device to select the iPod nano profile.

Aku DVD Ripper

  Step 2: Select the conversion quality profile

    Click to the iPod devices, it will display ripping Wizard dialog box, there are several different conversion quality of pre-configured for you to choose, please select a pre-configured for output target.

DVD to iPod nano profile

    Click "Netxt" button and set DVD driver or DVD folders.

DVD to iPod ripping Wizard

    Click "Finish" button to end the ripping wizard.

  Step 3: Start converting DVD to iPod

    After ripping wizard, preview window shows the video is adjusted according to the iPod profile.

DVD convert to iPad

    Click the "Source" button to preview the original DVD movie.

Preview DVD

    Click rip dvd to iphone button to start ripping, it will show the path configuration dialog box that allows to change the output file path and the output mode.

convert dvd to iPod video path

    Click "Ok" to start ripping, then Aku DVD Ripper will automatically start to convert DVD to iPod.

    After the conversion is complete, attach your iPod to your computer and sync it with iTunes. To play the newly converted movie on your iPod, just click iPod Main Menu > Videos and then choose Movies.

  Step 4: Query ripping infomation

    Click on the "Run Queue" button to display the status tab.

Preview the conversion status

    At this tab, you can query the conversion which are running and the conversion which has been completed.

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